Alison Grayson is an award winning filmmaker who specializes in sound mixing and location audio recording.  Her work has been heard throughout network television,  at top tier film festivals including Sundance, in theaters, commercials, and just about every form of media that you imagine.  Her career has brought her across the country and around the world- from New York city to Haiti,  from Paris to Africa, she loves the challenges of traveling with production and prides herself on thriving in adverse situations. Whether your production needs extensive waterproofing, is far off the grid, or is in a precise, controlled studio, Alison has you covered.  Her Location Audio page has more information including her work sample.

In addition to providing location audio, Alison is an artist who specializes in exquisitely carved skulls. Alison Grayson Art features an online gallery and information on sales and commissions.  Her carvings are currently based out of the Manifestation artist collective in Portland, OR.

Before Alison started converting skulls into works of art, she converted a short bus into a off grid capable tiny house.  She and her bus, Bessie the Land Cow, make up Skoolie Sound and maintain a popular youtube channel on bus conversion, tiny house life, and travel.

Alison’s roots are as a documentary film maker, and her award winning feature length documentary, The Love of Beer, celebrates women in the Pacific NW Craft Beer industry.  Released in 2011, it has been viewed in theaters and breweries around the world, and its distribution included several online platforms including Hulu.  The Love of Beer is currently available to rent or own via youtube.

When she's not off working on a ridiculous project, Alison spends her time training MMA, dancing, practicing firefans, enjoying the outdoors, and living as authentically as possible and encouraging others to do the same.

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